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Hawaiian Isles Coffee Equipment & Wholesale

 Equipment Program

  • We will provide, at no charge for the most efficient coffee equipment based on the following criteria – brewing the optimum quality coffee for the specific locations, safety in use of the equipment, ease of operation & ease of maintenance of the brewers. All equipment provided remains the property of Hawaiian Isles Kona Coffee Company.
  • Hawaiian Isles Kona Coffee Company employs service technicians and a service manager who are on call 24-hours/7 days a week to service your facilities.
  • Hawaiian Isles Kona Coffee Company will schedule a quarterly preventative maintenance program to ensure optimal performance.
  • Emergency repair servicing is available, 24/7. Repair service tags, with our service telephone numbers are on each equipment. All services will be provided at no charge.

Training Program

  • Hawaiian Isles Kona Coffee Company will provide a comprehensive coffee product and equipment training & tasting program to all foodservice staff members.
  • The training program will include a background on the history of coffee in the foodservice industry and an instructional course on the brewing techniques for all the coffee equipment.
  • The training sessions can be scheduled for a convenient time and place to accommodate your schedule.


  • Hawaiian Isles Kona Coffee Company provides a statewide distribution system with a sales office, warehouse, and distribution system on each of the four major Hawaiian Islands (Oahu, Maui, Big Island & Kauai). Our Company’s distribution center provides a weekly delivery schedule, Monday to Friday. Our sales staff will also handle any emergency deliveries.
  • Our Food Service Coffee Division will have a dedicated foodservice sales representative responsible for servicing your facilities.

    Supplies & Necessities

    Hawaiian Isles Food Service is your one stop shop for all coffee and soft drink supplies. One order gets you everything you need!

    Section  HIE # Item Name Cases/Pkgs
    Sweetener 705617 C&H Sugar Packets 2000 cs.
    20010 Splenda Packets 1000 cs.
    90007 Equal Packets 800 cs.
    Creamer 92214 NJOY Creamer Packets 1000/cs.
    35010 Coffee-Mate Original Cups 360/cs.
    35070 Coffee-Mate French Vanilla Cups 180/cs.
    35012 Coffee-Mate Irish Crème Cups 180/cs.
    35080 Coffee-Mate Hazelnut Cups 180/cs.
    Cups & Lids 1646 12 oz. Logo Hot Coffee Cups 10/100 cs.
    1687 16 oz. Logo Hot Coffee Cups 15/100 cs.
    1688 20 oz. Logo Hot Coffee Cups 25/30 cs.
    08675 24 oz. Logo Hot Coffee Cups 25/24 cs.
    09853 Black Dome Lids 12/125 cs.
    4299 16 oz. Clear Granita Cups 20/50 cs.
    4275 20 oz. Clear Granita Cups 20/50 cs.
    6651 24 oz. Clear Granita Cups 12/50 cs.
    2677 Granita Cup Lids 10/100 cs.


    Hawaii's Best Value Coffee

    Roasted locally in Hawaii, our Hawaiian Coffee Roasters Co. coffees are not only a great value, but they are great tasting. We've taken the best coffee the world has to offer and put them in every bag. Our blends are carefully selected by our Roastmaster and roasted to their peak flavor and aroma to be enjoyed by visitors and kama'aina alike. All of our products are gluten-free and kosher certified.

    Section  HIE # Item Name Cases/Pkgs
    Ground Coffee 1426 Mountain Dark Roast 32/2.5 oz.
    1432 Mountain Roast 32/2.5 oz.
    1433 French Roast 32/2.5 oz.
    1428 Mountain Roast Decaf 32/2.5 oz.
    1429 Vanilla Macadamia Nut 32/2.5 oz.
    1430 Hazelnut 32/2.5 oz.
    Whole Bean 1352 Mountain Dark Roast WB 4/5 lb.
    1353 Island Blend Decaf WB 4/5 lb.
    1435 French Roast WB 4/5 lb.
    1436 Espresso Midnight Café WB 4/5 lb.


    Cappuccinos & Frozen Granita Drinks

    Our mixes are easy, tasty ways to offer refreshing hot or cold drinks. Relax with a steaming cappuccino or cool off with refreshing Jolly Rancher Granita!

    Section  HIE # Item Name Cases/Pkgs
    Cappuccino 22080 Cocoa Supreme 6/2 lb.
    22103 French Vanilla 6/2 lb.
    85022 Original Cappuccino 6/2 lb.
    50224 Mocha Cappuccino 6/2 lb.
    11938 Hershey Almond Joy 6/2 lb.
    13390 Reese's Peanut Butter 6/2 lb.
    Jolly Rancher Granita 18860 Jolly Rancher Green Apple 6/0.5 gal.
    18877 Jolly Rancher Watermelon 6/0.5 gal.
    19447 Jolly Rancher Grape 6/0.5 gal.
    19836 Jolly Rancher Strawberry 6/0.5 gal.
    17344 Jolly Rancher Pineapple 6/0.5 gal.


    Tropical Freeze 

    Made with 100% natural cane sugar and premium tropical ingredients. This authentic Made-In-Hawaii treat is sure to excite the taste buds! One gallon of Tropical Freeze slush syrups can make five gallons of slush. Taste the difference today!

    Section  HIE # Item Name Cases/Pkgs
    Tropical Freeze 00971 Blue Hawaii Tropical Freeze Syrup 4/1 gal.
    00988 Coffee Tropical Freeze Syrup 4/1 gal.
    10096 POG Tropical Freeze Syrup 4/1 gal.

    Company Background

    Hawaiian Isles Kona Coffee Company was established in 1989. We are now one of the largest and oldest locally owned coffee roasters in the State of Hawaii, servicing both the retail and foodservice industry.
    Hawaiian Isles Kona Coffee Company is a full-line foodservice distribution company. In addition to our own coffees and bottled water, we also carry Coffeemate creamers, iced coffee mixes, cappuccino drink mixes, frozen granita drink mixes, fresh brewed iced teas, Stash brand gourmet hot teas and a complete line of other foodservice products.
    In the years since our startup, Hawaiian Isles Kona Coffee Company has become one of the leading retail coffee sales & marketer of branded Kona coffees in Hawaii, the U.S. Mainland, Asia and the Military segments. Hawaiian Isles Kona Coffee is well known to our many Island visitors and kama’aina residents.

    Our competition focuses on Ohana and Aloha but nothing says Aloha more than a company that is family owned and operated. The company prides itself on the local kama’aina connection and has been a favorite to tourists and locals alike.

    Taste the warmth of Aloha with Hawaiian Isles Kona Coffee Company.

    For more information:
    Contact Food Service Sales 808-839-3242

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