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Hawaii Coffee Roasters - Chocolate Macadamia

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Medium Roast
Hawaii Coffee Roasters (HCR) Chocolate Macadamia.
A sensual marriage of sweet chocolate and Hawaii's favorite nut.

We are proud to call these islands home. We've taken the best coffee the world has to offer and put them in every bag. Our roastmaster carefully selected our blends and roasted them to their peak flavor and aroma to be enjoyed by visitors and Kamaaina alike.

Freshly roasted and packaged in Hawaii, our one-way 'flavor valve" locks out air and seals in freshness. Protected from moisture and oxygen, our coffee is guaranteed to be fresh from paradise.

All of our products are Gluten-Free. Our products have a shelf life of one year from the date of production.

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Mahalo from Hawaiian Isles Kona Co.

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Mahalo from Hawaiian Isles Kona Co.

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Tricia Nauta
Coffee Received!

I can't wait to make coffee now!


Wanted to leave a review a friend of mine who is from the big island brought me a bag of the chocolate macadamia home! Pleasant experience from the face full of aroma that hits you when you open the bag and it smells so delicious while brewing my whole house smells like what I think Hawaii would lol when I tasted my first sip I realized I was hooked big flavor very smooth and delicious awesome product!

Lisa Arp

Loved it

Dianna Tabaj
Good choice

Always quality coffee with good flavor!!

Peggy Maleki
My Favorites are Usually Out if Stock

I had to say Please let me know what is in stock because 4 flavors I tried to order were out of stock again. Sad Cuz Hawaiian Isles chocolate macadamia nut and vanilla macadamia nut are my favorites. I tried to order toffee coffee and some other flavors but they were also out of stock so I will try again later. Have a great day and be safe aloha. Sending love to the islands

Brian Borges

The flavor and aroma is captivating. And it's the perfect amount of caffeine to keep you going throughout the day..

Shelly Starks

Fast shipping and great product

Doug Sera
Chocolate Macadamia

Love the rich flavor....I got two bags ...treated myself... Came quickly...

SHeila SHorter

I really enjoy the flavor and the aroma

Steven Miller
Accident's happen

I'd placed an order last year with a customer rep last year for a dozen bags of the Chocolate Coconut. Loved it! Placed another order of the same, but I was directed to fill out the online form to order myself this time. As it was buy 5 and get one free I thought I'd ordered 10 of the Chocolate Coconut, and one Macadamia Chocolate and Vanilla Cappuccino. I ended up receiving 11 Chocolate Macadamia and 1 Vanilla Cappuccino. I called, but was basically told to be more careful next time.
I most certainly will be.

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