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Chocolate Macadamia Nut - Ground - 8 oz

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Medium Roast

An enticing combination of velvety chocolate and macadamia nut. Delicious, aromatic, indescribably satisfying, and
medium-roasted to suit most people's tastes.

Chocolate Macadamia Nut is a Kona blend that combines 10% Kona coffee and the finest Arabica coffee from around the world to give you an unforgettable taste.

Freshly roasted and packaged in Hawaii, our one-way 'flavor valve" locks out air and seals in freshness. Protected from moisture and oxygen, our coffee is guaranteed fresh from paradise.

All of our products are Gluten-Free. Our products have a shelf life of one year from the production date.

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Mahalo from Hawaiian Isles Coffee Company!

Customer Reviews

Based on 83 reviews
Love, love, love your coffee but I can't find it anywhere. Even your site is all sold out.

Please tell me you are not out of business. Please tell me where I can buy your coffee. Thanks you. Fingers crossed you can help me find your wonderful coffee.

Cheryl Myers
Love your coffee!!

Love all of your Macadamia nut coffees and the Classic coffee

David Moore
Super choco-nutty

Loved before, continue to love it.

This is the best coffee

My family and I have been obsessed with this coffee (and in particular this flavor!) for almost two decades, since back when we could only get it through a relative who bought it from a commissary clear across the country. Love that I can buy it online now. I was pretty bummed recently when everything was out of stock on Hawaiian Isle's website for months - when I finally saw it return, I bought multiple bags. Never leave me again! But I'll probably buy more again soon...just in case. I'm not even the hugest chocolate fan, but it has a very smooth dreamy nutty flavor that doesn't need much help from sugar and flavored creamers; it's perfect on its own.

Gary Mitchell
My favorite coffee

Choc Mac Nut coffee you guys make is my favorite coffee
If I miss having it my day begins, progresses, and ends BADLY

Hawaiian Isles Chocolate Macadamia Kona Coffee

This coffee has an exceptional flavor and taste. Very easy to order and delivery to the mainland is quick.

Incredible Coffee!!

Love, love, love your coffee. Choc Macadamia is my absolute favorite. My only regret is that you are out of stock so often. Guess you have LOTS of fans!! But I'm patient and order when you are back in stock...gotta have my coffee!!

Kathryn Schoaf

It’s great!


Kona Chocolate Macadamia Nut - Ground - 8 oz

Iris Salmon
Awesome and Smooth Taste !!!

I just want to say that I've been spoiled by your coffee's smooth and tasty coffee blend. And the only time when I drink the other brands is when I can't get your coffee.

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